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We are reliable Heating and Air Conditioning company, servicing residential and commercial sites. Air conditioning repairs, Heating Services and ventilation, Air conditioning split systems as well as installing gas furnaces, electric heat, Heat pumps, Roof top, Dehumidification, Humidifier install, are among our specialties.

        Always giving our best in work and quality services. We would like to solve your problem.

Airmax has provided its valued customers with the most reliable and quality work in commercial and residential heating and air conditioning services, Air conditioning repairs and maintenance in Northern Virginia for many years now.

 Licensed & skilled technicians -in residential and commercial systems- will locate and pinpoint to the customers the cause and possible areas of the failure. While keeping the customers up dated of the progress, Airmax will proceed with any  heating repairs or cooling services needed.

At Airmax, customer service has been our top priority.

 Immediate response to your calls, making appointments that best work with your schedule, giving honest opinion with quality work and getting the job done in a timely mannered  every time, is  our goal.

Heating Repairs, Heating and cooling  services, installs, and maintenance

Air Conditioning repair,  HVAC services, installs, and maintenance

Small Winter  Hints for  you: 


Make sure you do the furnace check up every year especially if your furnace is getting old. Heat exchangers are bound to expand when heated and contract when cooled.  As time passes they become rusty and develop leaks. This is the nature of metal. Routine checkups will reduce carbon monoxide leakage in to our living environment.

Electric Heat serviced last year  will also need  to be checked  this winter to ensure  the  correct electrical connections.    

Humidifier: (Humidifier install ,Humidifier maintenance )

Dehumidification units ,(Pool Dehumidification ,maintenance,repairs)

Heat Pump services are  among  most important winter  check ups since Heat pumps do not  show when is it using  you electric heat  instead  of  using the out door unit , Auxiliary heat on you thermostat indicates  that some thing is wrong. 

Unit Installation

Roof top units



Small  Summer  Hints for  you: 

Maintenance Reminder:



Air conditioning repairs could be expensive!

Air conditioning and heating equipments work best when they are well maintained. A good practice to prevent expensive heating and air conditioning repairs is to replace filters once a month. Dirty filters play a great role in your Air Conditioning Unit breaking down. When an Air Conditioning System has dirty filters, it will allow less air to transfer across the cooling coil, resulting in continuous working,evaporator coil iceing up or in heating mode stopping the unit from working.So be sure to change the filters regularly and Also Have Your Unit Checked by a Qualified Technician every season, or at least twice a year.

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AT AIRMAX we ensure quality work and maximum reliability.

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